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We understand that your business is the most important thing for you and strive to keep it safe and secure at all time. When you need a dependable and trusted locksmith service, look no further as Locksmith ATC will be all that you want and more.

We make sure that you have the most advanced, state of the art safety systems at your disposal which gives you top-notch security at a cost-effective price. If you need commercial locksmith services, one quick call to us is what you need to get the best service delivered right to your doorstep. One of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will be with you and give you a customized quote of the service and price.

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Safety for Your Business

We understand that you cannot keep a full security team at your office, commercial complex or industrial area. You would need additional staff, many services, duplication of effort which can probably eat away the business profit and your valuable time.

Peace of mind and security is what you want. With our specialized commercial locksmith services, we make sure that you get complete safety and security, but without the budget-draining cost. Affordability is one of the key traits we live by, and you will find all our rates and timelines to be reasonable.

Full Range of Commercial Locksmith Services

In the commercial locksmith segment, we provide some specialized services to businesses, both big and small to safeguard to ensure the safety of their assets and structures such as:

Master Key Systems

Utilize master key systems to control your company and its components. Using the master key systems, you can open a set of specific doors. Apart from convenience, you get saving in time, cost and less number of replacement keys are needed.

Controlled Access Systems

Using intercoms and advanced telephone systems can help you to control access. You can seek to reduce security staff needed and inter-office communicators or messengers. Managing office and its access points has never been easier.

Advanced Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems are an excellent tool for safeguarding your business property and related assets within it.

Pick Resistant Locks

Make your office and its assets like vaults, safes and file cabinets safe by installing pick resistant locks. They make key bumping and lock picking extremely difficult and manage to safeguard the assets.

Keycard Entry Systems

Entry systems pre-programmed with magnetic or digital codes are available in the Keycard entry systems. Keycard entry systems are an advanced kind of master key system which can be used to open specific doors only. You can also choose to insert chips into existing employee cards instead of installing a new set of cards.

CCTV Systems

Newer CCTV systems are now present which have much better resolution and a more comprehensive coverage area to give you a more closely watched experience.

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Anytime you need repair, replacement and installation services for locks and security systems; we are there for you.

If you need a planned service or an emergency one, our care and attention to each one of your demands will be prompt and done with impeccable customer service.

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